Monday, October 31, 2011

"red boots splashing": continuing painting

close up of next steps
back for some more work on this painting. i couldn't really decide how to darken the yellow of the raincoat that is in shadow so i decided just to go with all of the methods discussed on the previous post and see what seemed better. i think they are fairly compatible with each other and it may be quite acceptable to mix them up in the same setting. so, i started today by applying the shadow under the *right* side of the hood with a bit of raw sienna, raw umber, and oxide of chromium. on the top of the hood i put in the shadows with raw umber pretty much exclusively. all of this was done with a #6 round and the colors were allowed to mingle on the paper rather than mixed on the palette. there is something wrong with her *right* neck that i will have to correct after i figure out what it is that is bugging me!  the shadows on top looked a little wimpy to me so i strengthened them with some oxide of chromium wet-in-wet. switching to a #8 round brush i started adding the shadow on the body of the raincoat.
further steps on the whole painting
these were effected by combinations of the colors aforementioned plus cobalt blue (added mainly to the raw umber to make a warm gray). these had a mixture of lost and found edges around their peripheries. her shirt underneath the coat was a combination of carmine and ultramarine blue. i extended the background dark down the *left* side of the figure with a very watery cerulean blue, burnt sienna, carmine and spritzing some water on the inferior edge as it ran down and "mopping" just a bit with a tissue to keep it under control. the hands are the usual flesh colors of cadmium red light and cadmium yellow pale. the apple olive green and cadmium red. the background wash between the apple and arm and the coat will need to be darkened and varied more than it turned out here. i can do this after when i have a better feel for the value it should be. the shadows on the trousers were a combination of cerulean blue, carmine and raw sienna put on in a rather neutral tint and then charged with one of the composite colors in places to add some variety. this too needed some lost edges which i did by touching a damp brush to the edge i wanted softened and drawing it away or just pressing down to the ferule.

last steps painted today
the trousers in the photo have some light blue stripes on them and i haven't yet decided to paint in a suggestion of them yet. if i do it will only be a suggestion leaving the whole thing quite understated. to finish things up today i worked on the *right* boot by painting it with cadmium red, carmine, and some ultramarine blue in places. to preserve the highlights i carefully painted around them and them softened the edges just when it started to dry with a barely damp, clean brush. as is my habit when putting in cast shadows, i put this in pretty loosely right after painting the boot in order to get a tie-in. a lot of this shadow was spattered on in a horizontal fashion as shown. the paint used was ultramarine blue and carmine. aside from the lone button, that is all i did today. hopefully i will get a chance to paint more tomorrow.

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