Friday, October 7, 2011

"victor is a vet": continuing progress

this week i also got a little further on the figure painting that i started last week. i worked on his clothing from the inside out, putting the shadow on his t-shirt with cerulean blue, raw sienna, and a bit of carmine applied with a #8 round that pointed well. his flannel shirt was painted with almost a dry(ish) brush technique putting stripes of cerulean vertically and raw sienna horizontally using the side of a #6 round. as i painted his hoodie, mainly with its shadows after a very pale wash of cobalt blue i quickly followed along with the background to work on both found and lost edges. the lost being mainly at the areas where fold shadows abutted the edges. i put in the rest of the background window around his head and started the right-most window with the same colors which if memory serves were ivory black, mineral violet, brown madder, quinacridone gold, and ultramarine blue.

i then started sketching in some of the shapes in the bottom half of the painting. i am moving pretty slowly here as i just want enough so that the objects are described somewhat but not overly defined. i also want the lower part of the painting to be higher in key (lighter in value) than the top.

that is all the time i had for the day. i hope to get a bit more done (or even finished) this weekend. until then, be well and enjoy the beautiful fall weather and colors. this is the time of year i wish i was more of a landscape painter and comfortable getting out en plein aire! but alas, i am not......yet.

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