Thursday, October 13, 2011

life drawing/painting sessions:week #5

20-minute pose
well, one would think that these would be getting better with time, but i am not so sure. the one thing that i will say is that i am managing the time better. this may be because i am having less trouble with the drawing part so there are fewer corrections. this allows more time to apply the paint. i still think that i am over defining the figures during the painting phase and will have to work on that. this is the first time that we have had a male model and he was really superb in striking a good pose and holding it. it didn't seem to me that he moved a muscle for the whole pose. the major goal i had in attending these was not necessarily to paint better but to become more comfortable with my drawing skills and i definitely think that has happened. so here are the offerings for this week (i didn't have time to finish the last one for some unknown reason):

30-minute pose

40-minute pose (not finished in allotted time????)

next week i have a schedule conflict so i will just attend the thursday, longer-pose session.

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