Saturday, October 8, 2011

"victor is a vet": finishing up

victor is a vet (18"X14.5")
to finish up this painting i further explained the structures at the bottom of the painting with light washes and splotches of color. when i had enough of this to define but not overdo, i moved on to the left folding chair. the colors i chose were cerulean blue, turquoise blue, and carmine. the left most dark window in the background was finished off with the same colors i did for the right one and the casing the same. i used a large round brush, i think a #12, to do most of this. some of the smaller slivers of color were painted using a #8 round. here is the end result:

in looking at this now, i think that i accomplished what i set out to do, namely, keep the lower portion a higher value and less defined. i am less happy with the face but with this hot press paper i am afraid to fool around with it too much so i think i will have to leave well enough alone. furthermore, it seems to me at least that it conveys what i wanted which is that there is a feeling of isolation (and a little despair?) in the figure. i will leave you the viewer to be the ultimate judge. and, no, i don't know what this fellow's name really is and i seriously doubt it is victor. having already decided he was a veteran, the alliteration seemed just to clever to avoid.

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