Thursday, October 27, 2011

life drawing/painting session: week #6

20-minute pose
after skipping a week because of prior commitments, i returned to the vitamin studio for another 2-hour session of life drawing/painting. it was the usual format of 3 poses each just a little longer than the preceding after a warm of 3-2 minute poses. i discovered that i had become somewhat rusty and not to where i was two weeks ago. nevertheless, by the end i was feeling pretty good again about the output, although you will note i made horrible use of the time on the last pose and came no where close to finishing it. in my defense it was about 10 minutes shorter than the usual last pose (35 vs. 45 minutes), but still....

so here are the offerings for this week:

30-minute pose
as seems typical of me, the first of the longer poses which ironically was the shortest, came out the best. i compared notes with the other artists at the session and they have noticed the same thing in their work. i am not sure if it is fatigue, or trying to do too much, or what. it seems rather common however.

35-minute pose

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