Monday, April 25, 2016

Frank Eber returning to La Crosse for watercolor workshop

We are so fortunate to be hosting Frank Eber for a return engagement of his popular atmospheric watercolor landscape workshop. This year it will be 3 days and be entirely a studio experience.
Please contact me if you have questions or would like to register.

The flyer for the workshop is below:

Paintings of Greater La Crosse area done by Frank following his visit in september last year.

Atmospheric watercolor landscape painting: a studio workshop with frank eber

what: a 3-day intensive study of watercolor landscape painting with award-winning artist frank eber.. This will be a studio workshop.
where: lacrosse, wisconsin (studio gallery 1311, 1311 market st., la crosse)
when: june 13-15, 2016
cost: $300 for the 3-day workshop
curriculum: in this workshop Frank will share advanced watercolor techniques based on tonal values that create atmosphere, balance and unity in your work. learn to manipulate tonal value, color and edge. basic watercolor background washes will be covered, as well as time sensitive and challenging wet-on- wet and dry-on-wet approaches in landscapes, cityscapes or street scenes. there will be discussion and demonstration on composition, direct color mixing, positive and negative painting. 
registration and information: the workshop will be limited to 10 students. contact bob witte ( 608-386-1764; to register forward name, address, phone number, email address, (either email above or snail mail below) and a check for $100 deposit made out to studio gallery 1311 and sent snail mail to studio gallery 1311, 1311 market street, la crosse, wi 54601
note: some watercolor experience required. students must have a basic understanding of the watercolor medium.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

"Her better half: midwestern gothic": finished painting

Actually, i finished this a few days ago and neglected to post it here until now. It is about14"x15" in size.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

"perhaps her better half" venture

The paintings i started out in the desert seemed embued with the frustration i felt while trying to paint them in the excessively arid, windy, and hot conditions in the california desert. While i know i will get back to them, i need to let them lie fallow for a little while until i get the yen to re-tackle one or another.

So, i decided on a fresh start. Luckily this was aided by having a few drawings already completed. I did a bunch in preparation for my sojourn with ted nuttall out in santa fe. Of the ones that i had drawn i picked this one because i wanted to experiment a bit with the bachground and i wasn't as heavily invested in the outcome as with a couple of others.

This was taken from some vintage photos i picked up at a local antique coop store in downtown la crosse several years ago. I like these old photos and even like painting from them more. It's drawn on a piece of arches hot press, 300# paper and is about 16"x17".  I chose the composition because i liked the play of words for the title and it was a bit different from the usual "portait" painting. Here are the first few washes and a fair start on their features.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

"Watching for the students" (10"x14")

I finished this painting this morning after letting it languish on the mantel while I figured out where to go with it. It's not exactly as I imagined, but it's close. The name comes from the obvious bus waiting to go on its appointed rounds, but also I just couldn't get Elvis costello's song "watching the detectives" out of my head while painting it........

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Start of another painting

I have done some things on the school bus and barn painting, but I haven't photo'd it yet. I did start another painting that is a horizontally composed painting of an extreme closeup of Anna's face. The first washes are a little darker than I usually do and are painting in very loosely with a large wash brush. Scarlet lake, Carr yellow, peacock blue, mineral violet and a few others are the hues and a Princeton synthetic squirrel quill brush that measures about 5/8 " in diameter at the ferrule.

Now it really is finished

You will probably have to look closely to see any differences. The artists who read this will probably understand those niggling little things that bug you near the end of a painting. Those things that only you see but their aggravation grows exponentially as the end looms near. So, I put it up where I could see it every time I came in the main room and the feeling just wouldn't go away. So, I fixed 'em. So, here is really the finished product of "paint my brown eyes blue" (20"x16").

Since this is a watercolor board with no possibility of decked edges, I think I am going to varnish this and mount and frame it like an oil painting.........oh, yeh, I bad.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

"paint my brown eyes blue": just about finished

Now that I figured out what I want to call it I figured it might as well be done

I loosened up the background a bit this morning around dawn. I must say the sun rising up out into the eastern sky was a bit of a distraction, and it was pretty cold out on the patio that is now my studio en plein aire. I felt the background was too rigid. After a lot of looking and thinking, I timidly took my #18 round escoda versatil brush in hand an serially put some loose monochrome washes with lots of gaps and encouraged drips on the upper part. The colors were cerulean blue, brilliant or and, quinacridone gold in that order.

While those glazes dried I reinforced some of the shadows on the figure, trying to get the values consistent and bringing some definition to areas that were a little ambiguous. This too was effected with the same large brush and my usual skin colors. I wanted these a little looser as well so I applied them while holding the brush at the end and loosing only a minimal edge here and there. I also painted a slightly darker value mineral violet stripe down the right side........something told me to do it......

I am pretty pleased with the painting right now where I wasn't when I hit the hay last night. Please enjoy, "paint my brown eyes blue."