Sunday, May 31, 2015

best in show: "desperate for some java"

"desperate for some java" (22"X15")
i am extremely pleased to announce that my painting, "desperate for some java," won both the "state award" and "best in show" award at the la crosse regional WRAP exhibition. WRAP (wisconsin regional art program) is held each year with preliminary loco-regional exhibition (complete with jurying) winners in each category invited to the state exhibition which will be held in madison ,WI, this year in august and september.

my sincere thanks to marlene salls who spends countless hours each year organizing and putting on the la crosse program and her associate mary ann narveson. special thanks also goes to juror jennifer williams terpstra who judged my painting worthy of these honors.

so, now on to state later this summer.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

"west on market": she be done

i finished off the painting of the cityscape done from in front of the studio gallery 1311 on market street yesterday.

not too much to say except that i darkened and added some texture to the left foreground trees to bring them forward, finished the vaguely detailed distant background, put a graded wash on the street with room left anteriorly for the center stripe, added some lost and found branches running through the trees. i also darkened the building just a touch with an over glaze as it was getting lost in the clutter.

here is the final version of "west on market" (12"X11").

Sunday, May 24, 2015

"west on market": another city/landscape

as the title indicates i decided to do another city scape. this is a shot west on market street in la crosse standing in front of the studio gallery 1311 where we will have the first day or so of the frank eber workshop in september.  this a pretty quick sketch and if i work out some of the kinks, i'd like to paint it on location later this next month.

here are two steps separated by about 30 minutes work.

its on a piece of 140# rough fabriano artistico paper that is about 12"X12".

wip, "west on market" (12"X11")

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Feeling like morton's salt: When it rains, it pours

as I opened the email when I got home from the hospital yesterday (total hip replacement, long overdue, btw)), I saw a notice from the Red River Watercolor Society informing me that that my painting, "lakhota proud," had been invited to their 2015 national watermedia exhibition. My thanks to juror anda styler and the members of the rrws. More info about the opening which will be in morehead, Minnesota, as the time approaches. Now I need to get busy with mounting, framing and mailing!
"lakhota proud" (13"X16")