Sunday, May 24, 2015

"west on market": another city/landscape

as the title indicates i decided to do another city scape. this is a shot west on market street in la crosse standing in front of the studio gallery 1311 where we will have the first day or so of the frank eber workshop in september.  this a pretty quick sketch and if i work out some of the kinks, i'd like to paint it on location later this next month.

here are two steps separated by about 30 minutes work.

its on a piece of 140# rough fabriano artistico paper that is about 12"X12".

wip, "west on market" (12"X11")


  1. Glad your back at work...! Good job.

  2. I really like these pastel colors that you used , they give a vintage look to the painting . I hope you are recovering well ...doing a lot of bicycle ?

    1. thanks, jane. doing mostly walking. apparently the hip angle on a bike isn't ideal...............coming along ok. 1 month yesterday. just about ready to toss the cane.