Saturday, October 8, 2011

honor received

hey, that's jim's duck! (16"X20")
i was pleased last week and more than a little surprised to learn the my painting, "hey, that's jim's duck!", won painting of the month on the site "brush with water." this is a site with a goodly number of very accomplished artists who work, if not exclusively, for the most part, in watercolor. so you can see that to be honored among such a group is quite astounding to me. it is more so as this is the first time that a painting of mine has been singled out for anything. so, my thanks again to all on "brush with water" and i will re-duplicate my efforts to be worthy of such designation. here is the painting for those that don't remember it:

tatanka iyotanka (16"X20")
additionally, i donated the painting of a young sitting bull entitled "tatanka iyotanka" to the global partners an organization within gundersen lutheran sponsoring medical care to underserved peoples. i was pleased to find out that it sold during their silent auction for $325. so, i guess technically i sold my first painting as well in the last few weeks.

i am done with all this self-aggrandizement.........for now! it is like so in my character as those who know me understand.

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