Friday, October 14, 2011

timber coulee fishing: finishing up

 i started by getting rid of the reflection to the right of the figure as it didn't recapitulate the background immediately behind it. i put in the fields on either side of the pool/stream with a graded wash of cadmium yellow medium/burnt umber, quinacridone gold/olive green, and hooker's green/quinacridone gold with a bit of ultramarine for the very front most bit on the right foreground. i darkened the banks with a combination of hookers green, ultramarine blue, and burnt sienna, and scratched in some grasses, etc., before it dried completely. over this graded wash i put in horizontal patches/streaks of a darker value paint (sepia/hooker's ?????), lost some of the lateral and inferior edges, added some leaves, and then scratched in some more. i tried to make these be unevenly spaced as they came forward and also tried to get them larger and darker as well. not sure that was done as well as i would have liked. i then finished the reflection just basically putting in colors and swatches that corresponded to the background structures being careful to make sure they were right below their respective reflectors (?, apologies to english majors). from then on it really was what i call an, "ld/ld" approach....little of dis/little of dat.......putting in the ripples on the water by lifting out light value and putting down dark value narrow bands that should get larger the closer to the front they are located. pen-ultimately,  i put a few cracks, breaks, etc. in the barn with sepia applied with a #2 round. and finally, i painted the rod/line with sepia/olive green/titanium white where you see it with the same small brush. at this point i am sure that i could find more to do but it wouldn't add anything so i will call it finished.
timber coulee fishing, 14"X20"

there are several areas that i am not terribly happy about but i will not rry to correct them on this painting but file them away for future attempts at landscape...the weakest of my genres. that is one reason why i have decided to paint several improve of course.


  1. Bob, I think this has turned out really well. I am inspired to do some landscape too. Not my strong suit either. Think I'll go through my photos this weekend and choose one. You'll be pleased to know that I did start a still life this week in Soon's class. It is a pumpkin/acorn set up that I photographed last week. I'm anxious to get it really going.

  2. Beautiful, If you get prints made of this painting I would love to buy one from you.It's great!

  3. hey, dena. thanks for the comment. i think that it needs just a bit of tweeking. like the far hillside and sky should be a bit bluer to push them back and the water, it has been pointed out to me (and correctly, i believe), should be just a little darker than the sky. i knew that the slight problem i was having with getting the water to "lay down" was probably value. i just needed someone who knew what they were doing to give me some specifics.

    i'll look for your landscape and seasonal appropriate still life on your blog.