Sunday, October 9, 2011

"awaiting her muse": next painting

i haven't been very good lately in giving a step-by-step accounting of the process i am going through. i have been so engrossed in the process that i forget to chronicle it. i do think, however, that it is getting a bit redundant as i tend to do the things in more or less the same order and way. the only difference being the emphasis and design which is usually pretty obvious. be that as it may, i will try to be better about this as i have received some comments that there are those who like and look forward to that aspect of this blog.

"awaiting her muse"
for this next project i decided to do a portrait-type of painting of our granddaughter sophie from a photo taken by her mother heidi a couple of years ago while on a train trip that was taking sophie away from things she may have rather been doing. i only have the finished product and not the steps. i will say that there are aspects of this that i like, but there are those that i don't as well. the placement of her head is too far to the left and the painting could have been strengthened by moving it a bit more to the right giving it a bit more space to the left of the figure. the head and features are pretty well drawn and painted. while there is a bit of a bloom on her cheek it really doesn't bother me. i might be able to get rid of it with a moist q-tip, but i figure "why bother?" as usual i overdid it with "all the scaping and the hair and things of that manner!" to use an arnold s. quip. i will either have to just stop doing it or stop commenting on it. i am sort of fond of the loose watery background with its splotches of carmine and cerulean. it is done on 140# fabriano uno cold press paper. i am not really sure where it got all these odd brands of paper but there you have it, none the less. it has a bit less tooth than the artistico and a bit less surface seizing. altogether it worked pretty well and i didn't have the problems i experienced with the hot press.

on to something else tomorrow. enjoy the weekend.

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