Thursday, October 13, 2011

timber coulee fishing: next steps

after doing a little research on reflections and observing some down at the marsh i decided that the one's i had prematurely put in on this painting were not quite right. i scrubbed them out with my trusty (and i might say much maligned) mr. cleaner eraser. while many have had bad luck with this i have had nothing but success in remove unwanted (non-staining) color on the fabriano artistico paper i use. enough seizing remains to paint a crisp edge once the paper has thoroughly dried.

next steps: timber coulee fishing
the first thing i did was put a touch of fall color in the bottom of the distant hillside with quinacridone gold, alizarin crimson, and cadmium orange with a 3/4" flat brush. next i strengthened the far bank of the stream/pond with an application of hooker's green and burnt sienna using the same brush. i put the narrow reflection in right after that leaving a bit of white paper separating the two at some points.i painted the reflection in the center of the pond/stream with the same colors as the structures reflected. when this had just about dried i lifted a few lighter ripples with a thirsty flat brush that was rinsed and dried between "slurps". i put some minimal detailing on the buildings with burnt sienna and cobalt blue with the same flat brush. i may ahve over done this, but i will leave it for now and see what i think when more of the painting is finished. that is all i will do today. i'm pretty sure that the reflection to the right of the figure are going to be wrong so i will probably erase those as well and start anew tomorrow.

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