Friday, April 27, 2012

"sollie, by golly," redux: the real deal

t=0 minutes
 (drawing and initial wash took about 15-20 minutes)
the sketch of solomon turned out so well that i approach the actual full size portrait with some trepidation. whether i can improve on the results from the sketch remain to be seen, but at the least it will be bigger. bigger is better....right? in this posting and the one's to follow until completion, i will put up photos of the painting as it progresses after about every 20 minutes of work. so, to explain, i will work for twenty minutes, take a rest, clean the palette, get fresh water, and photograph the progress since the last break. i will refrain from writing the dialog of the work as it will be more or less the same as the sketch with only minor differences, hopefully for the better. we'll see. before i start just a few preliminary comments: the paper is 140# cold press extra white fabriano artisitico, 16"X20", and i used the "blow up the reference photo to the size used in the painting" technique.

t  +20"
t +40"
t +60 minutes

close-up: t +60 minutes

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