Thursday, April 12, 2012

airborne lunch attack: next and final steps

"the great airborne lunch attack" 20"X16"
to begin the painting session today i decided to go dark on the legs of the bench near the top and make them a positive shape and lose the pigment as i worked down and describe them using background negative shapes. all this was done using a #10 round brush. colors were various combinations of ultramarine blue, burnt sienna, ivory black, mineral violet, brown madder, hooker's green, and ???. they were mixed for the most part on the paper and as long as they were "almost" complements they produced an interesting dark gray, which is what i wanted. i used the same colors for the "grass" negative shape on the bottom. changing to a #8 round i moved onto his shoe with various values of gray and put in the the shadow and cast shadow of the jeans' cuff. the sole is almost pure ivory black. as dark moves forward i tried to render the front of the sole and toe of the shoe a darker value. i added the warmer wash to the park bench using yellow ocher and brown madder and then put in the "gaps" in a dark value, pure ultramarine blue wet-in-wet. this was repeated for each of the slats of the bench. the top of the bench on the left of the picture was defined by the background negative shape much like it was at the right using ultramarine blue and brown madder with some splatters of cerulean blue for texture, etc.. a similar wash was painted in the upper left to join that shape with the border of the painting.

now that i look at this i think i lost too much of his hoodie over his *left* back so i will probably reinstate this with some dark value paint. with the exception of that i will declare this finished.

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