Sunday, April 15, 2012

annabel of the lakhota: finishing up

"annabel" 16"X20"
i really haven't taken any intermediary shots between the last post and this (probably) finished effort.i finished the face off in much the same manner as the initial stages and using the same colors. in fact, i used the same colors for all of this painting once i added the ultramarine blue to the shadow under her arm and hands. in retrospect and all too often, i was too loose and unthinking when i painted the background. i think the color is harmonious with the rest of the painting and the style is loose as is the figure, but it's a little too haphazard.....i'm not sure that adequately explains my feelings about it but its the best i could come up with at this time. the shirt is also too isolated. i should have included an escape route or two. there are a couple of small areas of darker to darker transition over her *left* shoulder, but it needs more, in my opinion.....perhaps a white (or light) to white area. i may be able to lift something off somewhere around her *right* shoulder or back area. the likeness is actually quite good and i am pleased with that. i also like the expression on her face. i wonder if putting a darker shirt on her might improve things. perhaps the next time i do this, assuming there is a next time. any more monkeying around with this would surely ruin it. time to move on.

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