Monday, April 9, 2012

airborne lunch attack: 2.0

washes 2.01
this next section was approached in two sections. the first was defining the facial structures a bit which was tricky because they are for the most part in shadow and over definition would be a mistake, but i wanted just a little more than at the previous step. and second the start of his clothing. so, using a #2 and #4 round brush i added a few lines to the eyes and carefully put in some pupils, all this with permutations and combinations of my usual flesh colors. where it looked like i was getting too hard an edge i softened immediately with either a damp clean brush or blotted with a tissue. i also added some flesh color to the hands and brought the beard into some more focus. while the hands were drying i added a small cast shadow on the coffee cup wet-in-wet using cobalt blue which when the flesh colors bled into it gave a nice warm simple...almost looks like i knew what i was doing! the bottom of the cup was explained with a dark splotch of ultramarine blue and burnt sienna allowed to release over much of the hoodie and leg out toward the forward elbow and into the background on the right side of the figure (his *left*). i let this dry and came back later in the day for the rest of this step(s).
washes 2.02

with the previous step dry, i approached the large hoodie shape. using a #10 round (which is used for the remainder of this step) i applied ultramarine blue, burnt sienna, ivory black, and mineral violet in the darkest areas of the hoodie, almost as swatches of color, and allowed them to mingle wet-in-wet on the paper. just as they were starting to dry i softened the hard edges with a cleaned, damp brush to bring them closer together and give a wrinkled effect. i released the *left* back behind his arm into the crack between the boards on the bench using mainly clear water and drew it all the way to the edge of the paper. the jeans were approached in the same manner in terms of brush work but with the colors changing to ultramarine blue and mineral violet. i want to give the far wing of the pigeon a feeling of motion so i am leaving the edges very blurred in the area. i still am not entirely sure how am going to effect this subtlety but at least i haven't made any hard edges to make the work more difficult in the future when i do decide. i thought that the far right side of the bench needed some definition so i added a medium sized and valued shape in the background just above it near the edge of the painting and left it loose. this was a reiteration of the ultramarine blue and brown madder evidenced at the top of the painting above his hat. some spattering is also in evidence here both with paint and clear water. i left the drips and runs develop to give it texture and interest. that's all for now. more on the morrow.

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