Sunday, April 22, 2012

"sollie, by golly" finishing the portrait sketch

not really too much more to do here. i finished his hair all except for the top with flowing strokes of various colors using a #8 round brush and using my usual scraping technique for some of the strands after it had dried just a little bit. using a #10 round and ultramarine blue and brown madder i strengthened and added some shadows to the front of his hoodie.

lastly i finished the top of his head and hair in the same manner as the rest . i painted in some wisps of hair in front of his face to define the edge a little more and put in some crevice darks around the nose, nostrils, mouth, and eyes.

that's about it for this small sketch. i am really pretty happy, and not a little surprised, that it turned out as well as it did. now i wish i had thought out the colors a little better in the beginning. i really was just going for the correct values. at least this gives me the confidence to paint another a little bigger and better in the near future.

"sollie, by golly" 13"X10"


  1. Awe, sweet! I will have to show him this!

    1. thanks, heidi. glad you like it. i am going to send this painting to sollie with the next care package to him. i heard he was miffed he didn't get one when sophie did! glad to hear you are feeling better and things are going okay with new job, etc.

  2. Lovely portrait, gorgeous expression and colors !

  3. thank you, jane for visiting my blog and posting your comments. thanks also for your nice comments. it is encouraging to have people visit and then actually follow.