Friday, April 6, 2012

life drawing/painting studio: first of 2012

45-minute pose
i got back to the vitamin studio for the first time in this year and since returning to the north land. we were blessed by an extremely good model who while new to the game performed like a seasoned veteran. it was a 3-hour session as each first of the month session is and so there were 4 poses in all after a few warm up poses of 1-3 minutes. they are of varying quality but all in all i am pleased with work given the long hiatus since i last tried this type of exercise. i especially like the last 45-minute pose. here are the offerings for this week:

now that i evaluate them back in the studio, i am struck by the composition of the pieces. i didn't consciously try to arrange things but only attempted to get a decent representation of the figure. however, the composition on these is much better than anything that i have done before in this setting.

30-minute pose

25-minute pose

40-minute pose

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