Wednesday, December 28, 2011

continuing saga of "pine ridge jim" painting

"pine ridge jim" continuing steps
this morning for about 30 minutes i got back to the portrait of jim from pine ridge that i started in november before we headed out to portland for the holidays. after working up until i  needed to stop to take our granddaughter sophie to rock climbing class i finished the other eye and put in the large shadow shape on the *right* side of his face. notice please that it was carried down to his neck and more or less the collar line without a break at the jawline....this is important. the colors were cobalt or ultramarine blue depending on the value that i was looking for (cobalt lighter and ultra darker) mixed pretty much right on the paper with burnt sienna. i used a #8 round brush for the eye and a #10 round for the larger wash. looking at the dried result shows that i didn't anticipate as much lightening as it dried as i should have. i may have to re-state a portion of some of the darker areas but i will wait until more of the painting is finished to make the final assessment. i lost the *right* side of his head and hair into a stylized image of the ridges around the reservation as they are topped with dark pine trees (hence pine ridge). for this i also added some hooker's green to the mix of colors i have already used.  and that shape was encouraged to flow down the paper with some spritzes of water and some light brushing. i also added some cerulean blue wet-in-wet in places that are probably fairly obvious. i gently blotted the bottom edge where i wanted a softening rather than a harder edge. that's all for now. more either later today or tomorrow.

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