Saturday, December 3, 2011

keeley and her roadie: finishing steps

i think this painting is suffering from my lack of painting for the last three weeks or so. at the final stages of this i found myself dabbing here and daubing there, not really adding much of any import but certainly running the very real risk of messing it up. also, i got a bit sloppy in the background and i should have planned it out a little better. i usually don't do a lot of planning of a formal nature as i like to experiment and have each painting be a  bit of adventure, but this, i fear, is a bit too adventuresome. i don't think it is a fatal flaw and will leave it as is. i will, however,  file the thought away for future use. so here are the final two steps in this painting each representing about 20-25 minutes work.
keeley and her roadie (16"X20")

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