Monday, December 19, 2011

yes, she does fish like a girl (atagt): following stages

today i had about 30 minutes to paint and decided to start adding the trees and foliage to the right side of the painting. since all of this will be ahead of the distant trees i wanted it greener and darker in value. all of this was painted with a 3/4" flat or #8 round brush. it is always a challenge to come up with a variety of believable greens for landscapes and this was no exception. the standard sort of pine/fir green was ultramarine blue and quinacridone gold. a similar combination was hooker's green and burnt sienna. the somewhat more olive drab green in the center tree was ivory black and cadmium yellow medium as is the dark foliage in front of it that is in shadow near the ground. i put a shadow on the underside of the log and the nearside of the upright branches and the cast shadows of the branches all in one wash that i think was cobalt blue and burnt sienna. i strengthened the values on some of the foreground rocks with the same colors. that's about all i have time for at this sitting. i may get back to it later today. here is where we stand at the present:

yes, she does fish like a girl (and that's a good thing), 15"X22"

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  1. The trees are just beautiful, great work. I also like the light green reflection in the water on the right hand side. I find it hard to work with greens without them becoming muddy but you have done a great job. Cant wait to see the finished piece.