Monday, December 12, 2011

yes, she does fish like a girl!: continuing

to start things out today i lifted some of the darker pigment from the far grassy area and over painted with a brighter blend of cerulean blue and cadmium yellow pale. this was the same group of colors that i painted the large mid distance shrub on the right side. all this with a #12 round sable brush. the near bank on the right : ditto. the reflections in the water were painted with a 1" flat sable using ultramarine blue, quinacridone gold, burnt sienna, and hooker's green. i left white areas of reflection from the sky being careful to keep these horizontal. i also painted around the rod and its attached line. i scratched in a few blades of grass and vegetation when the wash was just starting to lose its sheen. that's about all i have time for today as our grand kids are coming over for us to watch while their parents go off for a much needed over night break down the coast a bit to return tomorrow. more then. i will spend the time during the 3 year old's nap sending out my 2012 calendars to friends and relatives for christmas presents rather than painting as time is running short.

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