Monday, December 26, 2011

finally! " like a girl"......comes to a close

the day after christmas and i finally have had the time to get back to the painting started now probably a month ago of my wife fishing on the madison river in just north of yellowstone. as it turned out i only worked for about 25 minutes and i felt that the painting was finished. here is the result. looking back at the previous post one can see that i added the trees on the right of the picture using a 1" flat brush and the same colors as i have been using for the foliage in the rest of the painting. i finished the reflections in the water using the same brush and colors being careful to keep the strokes horizontal and the edges fairly crisp. the shadow (near) side of the foreground rocks were painted using cobalt blue and burnt sienna mixed ever so slightly on the palette but mostly on the paper after applying with a #8 round brush. the reflections in the water on the near side of the rocks were painted in right away using a darker (for the most part) version of the same pigments. lastly, i spattered the foreground with a dark value of ultramarine blue and burnt sienna using both a large and a small brush to get varied sizes of droplets. i did have to blot some errant ones off of the lighter areas. the water was treated to a graded cobalt blue wash applied lightly to the high value areas of the stream surface trying to get it lighter as i moved forward.

 i adjusted a few values here and there after viewing the painting at the stage of the first photo yielding the final result shown below. on to the next project tomorrow which i hope will be the rest of jim from pineridge.

"yes, she does fish like a girl (and that's a good thing)" 15"X22"

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