Sunday, January 1, 2012

pine ridge jim: continuing steps

i continued the painting today by finishing out the modelling on the lower part of his face. after putting in some of the hair on his *right* side i added some blue sky with pure cerulean blue above the clouds i decided to put in over the ridge. spritzing a blotting gave the varied bottom edge of the clouds. his mouth and teeth, i know are going to give me a problem so i want to think about them for a while longer. i knew that i wanted to get some more color into the painting so i made the collar of his fleece a combination of turquoise and cerulean blue. the top of his *right* shoulder was defined by a light gray wash in the background. since i couldn't put off the mouth forever i next turned to that, for me, most troublesome part of every portrait. for most of the mouth i used a #6 round brush and brown madder mixed
with cobalt blue and raw sienna. i put a dab in the center of the upper lip and at each corner. after washing a giving the brush a good shake i drew the color out over the rest of the lip and lost some edges at the corners. the bottom lip was done about the same way except no dab in the center as there is a highlight there. his teeth were just suggested with dabs of raw sienna and cobalt using more or less negative painting to bring out the irregular margins of his teeth. most people i have met on the reservation have problems with their teeth because of lack of fluoridation and decent dental care, so jim is not alone there. at this point i realized i had made a cardinal error in drawing his eyes and stylized them rather than recording what i actually saw. that slight gaff pretty much destroyed the likeness in my mind. i lifted the top center part of each upper lid and repainted some of the eye as necessary. much better likeness at this point. i finished putting some pigment on the collar and extended the ridge on the right side of the painting, spattering cerulean over the wash and softening the bottom edge with spritzes of water and blotting. i added his dark t-shirt collar and some modelling on the fleece adding the cast shadow of the collar wet-in-wet right after the turquoise was painted on. at this point i took stock of where i was. his lips are just a bit full and i need to add some stylized sky features. this will have to wait until tomorrow as we are off to get our grandson sollie his 4th birthday present for his party later today.

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