Monday, January 2, 2012

pineridge jim: finish

after taking stock this morning i realized that there really wasn't too much to do on this painting before i called it finished. i put in the rest of his hair and released the edge into the cerulean blue wash of the sky. for most of these steps  i used a #8 richeson squirrel round brush that i just acquired (the numbering of sizes is quite different from the kolinsky's that i have and this one despite its number is easily the largest round i own at about 5/8" in diameter at the ferrule.) it points very well and holds lots of far i like using it. i extended the blue wash over to the right side of the top and softened the lower edge in places with spritzes of water and blotting. i felt that the *left* collar needed to curl in toward his neck more so i strengthened the color there and corrected the shadow under it so that it was larger and a bit darker. it seemed to me that the upper right top needed a bit more weight so i put in a bit of brooding sky with ultramarine blue and burnt sienna and gave the lower edge the spritz/blot treatment. i was pretty sure at this point that if i kept going i was more than capable or really having things go FUBAR, so stopped.

"pineridge jim"  (14"X20")
i like the fresh looseness of this painting and the likeness to jim which is probably the best portrait-type painting that i have done. until the next project, be well.

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  1. Bob, I really love this and I agree with you that it may well be the best portrait painting you have done. I especially like the way you handled the sky. I'm thinking of adding sky behind the herd of longhorns that I am doing along with some dirt under their hooves. I will do some practicing on the technique you used for the sky and see how it turns out before adding it to a whole sheet piece. LOL!!! That "whole sheet" thing still really intimidates me.