Tuesday, January 31, 2012

first project from borrego springs: big paint

we arrived in borrego about 3 days ago and i have now got things unpacked. here is the first painting that i have started down here. i am not going to take he time to enumerate the steps this time around but will get back to that in the near future.

this horse i believe is named tanka...which in lakota means great. i am not sure if that is what the owner wanted or from which he derived the name but it seems to fit. he is a big paint and there is an equally big one i will probably paint next that is predominantly brown with a buff/speckled hind quarters. kind of the yin to this fellow's yang.

this is painted on 16"X20" fabriano artisitico cold press 140# paper. it seems a bit blue to me now but i will try to pick out areas to darken the values and tone the blue down. if i can't do that it will just have to be blue and i can try to paint another in a slightly different palette. i haven't painted in about 3-4 weeks and i think that it shows. hopefully i'll get my chops back quickly!

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  1. Bob, this is wonderful!!! I love the way you have depicted the detail in the horse and still kept it loose. Great job. Doesn't look like you are the least bit rusty!