Friday, April 29, 2011

"santa d'oros" finish-up

okay, first a confession. i made up this name. as far as i know there are no "santa d'oro" mountains that i (or probably anybody) know of. there are "santa rosas" in southern california that turn a lovely, yes, you guessed it, rose color when the sun light strikes them. so i figure why not "santa d'oro" for these? my apologies to those who have been pouring over geography books, maps, etc. to find them and also to spanish language speakers who probably feel that i have butchered their lovely language!

"santa d'oros"

that being said, i did complete this painting by finishing the top of the mountain at the far right, the rest of the more foreground trees, and the foreground. i tried to adjust the values in the reflections in the lake but i still am not happy that got them"right". i was, however, starting to make a muddy mess of things and decided that it would have to stand as it is in this photo. i am going to call it done except that i may lift out some ripples and put in some dark streaks on the water surface at some time in the near future. i haven't made up my mind on that just yet. thanks for following.

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