Tuesday, April 19, 2011

country lane: april watercolor challenge

i did finish the april watercolor challenge on wet canvas over the weekend.  the subject matter was in a photo i posted within the last week. basically a stone barn on a country lane bordered by a stone fence. i didn't take any process photos as i just worked right through the painting without many stops...against my better judgement or practice.  the challenge of this piece was the huge area of green that needed to be painted.  green is generally the bane of the watercolorists' existence. for this piece i used combinations of hookers green/burnt sienna or raw sienna or quinacridone gold, cerulean blue/cadmium yellow medium or pale (for really light passages, like way, way background firs), ultramarine blue/burnt sienna (for really dark passages), ultramarine blue/cadmium yellow medium, and ivory black/quinacridone gold. i think you can see areas of each as you look at the expanse of background trees.  the stone fence was going to be daunting to paint in terms of detail but i stumbled on just dry brushing over the somewhat rough paper surface and enough texture more or less painted itself. here is the final rendering that i posted on wet canvas for your viewing:

"country lane"

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  1. Beautiful, I love the trees. Just add a goat or two and it's my dream house ;)