Saturday, April 23, 2011

"do i still have my wallet?": finishing up

finished(?) painting
i finished the large, rather complicated shadow under the chair and the s-m using a #8 round and ultramarine blue and raw umber for the colors. the wall underneath the windows was dry-brushed in with only slightly diluted cerulean blue and raw sienna. the rest of the lower window molding was painted in with the same colors (turquoise blue/quinacridone gold) using the 3/4" flat brush. side walk was painted in using a graded wash from light to dark as one moved forward but also color wise it moved from quinacridone gold/raw sienna near the wall and ended with ultramarine blue/alizarin crimson permanent near the very bottom.  i hope that made it seem to come toward the viewer some. spatters of ivory black finished out the look.  i'm not sure if this added much but i like doing it so......there you have it. i'll call this one a wrap barring any unforeseen ideas that i have after it has "aged" a few days before i mat and frame it. i am undecided at this point what to call it.  the wip (work in progress) name has been the above but i am considering maybe changing it to, "hey dropped yer wallet!" chime in if you have  preference.

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