Saturday, April 16, 2011

next project:titus von rijn a la rembrandt

first steps in "titus von rijn"

close up of face of "titus von rijn"
second stage of "titus von rijn"
this next portrait is going to be copy of rembrandt's painting of his son titus. i don't really have the time today to go over each of the steps in narrative but will post the progress of the painting as i took breaks. there isn't any real difference in the way that i painted this except that i went right for the midtone shadows and features first without the initial lighter value flesh colored wash. i also   tried to do the background a bit more at the same time as i was doing the adjoining areas of the figure. i feel that in a effort to make the background less boring that i made it way too exciting and wish that i had toned it down some. also the clothing is rendered a bit differently than the top part of the painting and therefore, at least to me, it appears to be 2 separate paintings. that being said i can't say enough about this idea of copying the masters to learn more about a certain discipline. in this instance it would be from a master painter and portrait artist rembrandt. i will certainly try to do more of these as time goes by in an attempt to gain more insight into the painting process.
final stages of "titus von rijn"

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