Friday, April 22, 2011

next stages of "do i still have my wallet?

i did lift and "erase the blue from the w-g's (walking guy) jacket and over painted a lighter value more neutral color  consisting of raw sienna, raw umber, and quinacridone gold. now that i see this, i'm not so sure that the cobalt blue wouldn't have been just fine, but i am going to live with this choice now. while that dried i finished both windows with dark washes of previously indicated colors using the 3/4" flat. the same brush was then used to paint the far right molding with turquoise (it wasn't teal after all) blue and quinacridone gold with a little cerulean blue thrown in for good measure. the local color of the s-m's (sitting man) hoodie was painted with a #8 round and cobalt blue dulled in places with a little raw sienna. his hands were painted with a bit of ultramarine blue but mostly burnt umber after the nail beds were touched with a very light wash of alizarin crimson and allowed to dry. shadow on his t-shirt were cerulean blue, alizarin crimson, and raw sienna. his collared shirt was scumbled in a sort of plaid -type pattern with the same mixture less the alizarin. s-m's trousers painted with cobalt blue, raw umber, with cerulean substituted for the cobalt on his sneakers. when the local color of the clothing was dried i put in the appropriate shadows with deeper values of the same underlying colors being careful to lose an edge or two on each shadow so that it looked "real" using mostly a #4 round brush.

all that's left is to come up with a strategy to paint the tiled wall beneath the window molding, put enough grayish paint on the sidewalk to bring it forward toward us near the bottom, and put in appropriate shadows beneath and behind s-m and his trusty chair. that will have to wait until tomorrow. cheers all.

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