Tuesday, April 19, 2011

new painting: "do i still have my wallet?"

drawing for next painting and very initial wash
this next project is inspired by a scene i saw and had my daughter's significant other photo  while  on the way back home from our winter digs. there was an older  man sitting in a lawn chair out in front of a store soaking up some bene's alee of a blustery northwest wind whistling out of the mountains. a dapper middle aged  guy came along and soon as he passed the sunning man checked his wallet. i don't really know what was on the passerby's mind that made him check.....but i thought it was something to spark some social commentary....maybe? i'm not going to post the photo for privacy reasons. here is the drawing and the start of the initial washes. with all that dark window behind the figures the experience with the rembrandt portraits is going to come in handy.

first washes for "do i still have my wallet?"

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