Tuesday, November 27, 2012

painting from live long-pose session

i have been working on two projects this last week none of which involve placing paint on paper. the first is the calendar that i make each year for gifts to friends and relatives. this year i decided to use the theme of my show at the pumphouse which starts the first of the year, namely, "these are people i'll remember."

the second is actually getting ready for the show by mounting, matting, and framing the paintings that i will hang. i chose 17 from which i will have to choose somewhere from 12-15 to actually hang in the gallery. i have all of the one's that i am going to do mounted and matted. i ordered the frames yesterday and they should arrive by the end of the week. the last bit will be obtaining the glazing. i am going to use acrylic to save weight and cost.

2 1/2 hour pose
so, the only painting i have done recently was at the long pose session at the vitamin studio a week or so ago. here is the effort from that 2.5 hour stint. i didn't like it at the time, but it has grown on me. i'm not sure it is, nor ever will be,  a finished painting but a pretty decent job for a live model session.

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  1. A very relaxed position, and the model looks quite happy..I think you captured the feeling . xx Wish you all the best for the exposition !