Monday, November 5, 2012

too many irons in the fire

i did finish the couple painting by adding some texture on the bench and decided on the lower edge of the painting and "ripped" the painting off just below the guy's forward knee. i won't re-post it as there will not be any really observable differences from the last post a week or so ago.

anyone folowing this blog will know that i started a painting of my friend dan's ever smiling face and have almost finished it. i ahven't sone anything on it in the last week but i do have it hung on the wall of the studio and i think that i ahve decided on the rest of the background, and the minimal tweeks to his face. hopefully i will get to this before this week is over.

the painting of the lovely smiling face of my wife joan is likewise put up for daily perusal, and i vow to complete it before next weekend as well. i usually have trouble with portrait type of paintings of people i know and i am working very slowly and carefully considering each brush stroke at this point to avoid the dreaded overworking.

"a biting wind howls in from the north"
to make all this worse is that i went ahead and started a painting of a cranberry bog worker having a miserably cold day. we were out at the nearby cranberry bogs watching some of the harvesting a few weekends ago. it was bitterly cold for that time of year and considering it had been 80 degrees the day before. the temperature hovered in the high 30's and the 30 mph north wind was filling the air with a mist coming off the roiled water surfaces. the workers were not having a good time, and the observers were mainly huddled in the warming hut drinking hot cider. none-the-less i did get some shots of the process and the bogs. when i got home i found i had a great shot of one of the workers all  bundled up in several layers of hoodies, and parkas and looking entirely miserable. i cropped the original and decided on a painting. i just had to start it this week after i found the image. here is the result so far. sorry, no intermediary steps. the whole thing was a bit spontaneous and i worked right through for about 3 hours with out a break. so, one more thing to finish.

at some point i will have to stop making art and start mounting, matting and framing for the show that is to hang the first of january 2013.

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