Wednesday, November 7, 2012

two to go

"let me count the ways"  14"X16"
i finished (or close enough that anything else would be superfluous overworking) two paintings this morning. the first was, "let me count the ways" and the second the portrait of my oldest and probably best friend, "bookman dan." here they are. no commentary as i have to run but please enjoy.
"bookman dan" 11"X14"

the last painting in this series is the heavily clad working woman out at the bogs in a howling northerly wind. i will get some done on this this afternoon after i get from our strength class (i am getting, like, so totally buff.........sort of).


  1. These are amazing Bob, your work has come such a long way, you should be very proud of what you are achieving..great to see your work again..


    1. hi, stephie. its always good to hear from you. thanks for stopping by. i appreciate your comments and miss seeing as much of your work as we did when bww was extant. that was a great and honest site. i have found that i am not a very good forum participant as i have to struggle to find time to post and comment. i think i will stick with the blog and, thankfully, i do read yours regularly when you have a new post. so at least we can keep up that way. cheers for now.