Friday, November 2, 2012

long pose life drawing/painting session and just a little more

this will be a brief post. i didn't do much in the studio yesterday as i know that i was going to try getting to the vitamin studio at night for the bimonthly 3-hour posing session with a draped model.

version 1.0
version 1.1
so on the painting "let me count the ways" i picked out some midtones and darks to start defining the hair and augmented the background colors. this background consists of a window that reflects the clear blue sky, some window frames elements, a post supporting the porch roof around which the figure is peeking, and the bottom end of the sign directing one to "boothill". here are two photos of different stages of the work today. all was done either with a #16 or #26 round brush. i also started to define some of the hair. namely, some strands along her *left* front wave and the darker areas around her ears where it curls under. just a word here about this. as the majority of the hair will be a light yellowish cast i elected to darken these areas and cool them off with a wash of mineral violet and a little raw sienna. darkening a yellow is hard for me (and i suspect a lot of painters in watercolor) so this is a bit of an experiment. i think its going to work out.

after working for about an hour i packed things up and headed out to the vitamin studio for the life session. we had a great model with a dark blouse. she assumed a relaxed pose leaning against her hand supported by a pedestal. the only fly in the ointment was that seemed to compromise her median nerve at the wrist and gave her a temporary "carpal tunnel" syndrome. it shook out after a minute's rest.

earlier in the day i had been looking at some paintings by richard schmid and i think this one from yesterday emulated his style somewhat. if you wish, looking over his paintings on his website ( or just using a search engine to obtain some images of his will give you an idea of what i mean. it was unintentional but shows how we (read, i) can be influenced by our observations. i like his style and i sort of unconsciously copied it here. i need to carve out some bulk on her *left* arm as it is too wide but otherwise i think that i will leave this alone.


  1. Interesting to see your steps, in fact I was going up and down with the mouse, like your style and the 'explaining' .

    1. thanks for the comment, jane. i am glad you like the "steps" i ctake and chronicle. i don't really feel like this is a "how to do it" type of tutorial, but rather a "this is what i did and how it turned out" story. kind of a mutual (the reader and i) journey to find solutions to the problems we all face. if you like the result, here is how i did it. if you don't like the result, here is how to avoid it.