Sunday, December 2, 2012

a post of few words but lotsa pictures: new painting

i finished the mounting and matting of the paintings that i am going to use for the show. the printing and most of the punching on the hholiday calendars is done. i needed something to occupy my time while i waited for my frames to arrive and the energy to finish the calendars.

image #1
image #2
detail of eyes
i found a photo by steve evans (babasteve: flickr) of an african girl irresistible and decided to have  go at it while i waited for my frames to arrive. i am not going to go into any detail with respect to the process, but let the photos of the various stages tell their own story. everything is wet on dry and i, again, was determined not to use a tube brown. the subtle coloration of her skin was done with multiple layers of scarlet lake, raw sienna, mineral violet, cerulean blue, hooker's green, and even some ultramarine blue. i am enjoying working through this project. i don't think i am going to do a series of african children as this has already been done so admirably by stephie butler, but this certainly can serve to give me foundation for painting the skin of non-caucasian peoples. so enjoy the photos....a sort of pre-holiday present, if you will.

progress so far, "she'll melt your heart" 11"X15"

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