Wednesday, December 19, 2012

the end of a long dry spell: landscapes

i have finally finished the work on mounting, matting, and framing the paintings for the show that will be hung january 2, 2013. the hanging wire was the last thing needing to be attached. i may write a blurb about each painting to put in a pedestal book, but we'll see how the time goes.

house near the woods
i have been diddling around with some quick landscape sketches over the last few days. i felt some of my landscape chops needed some work. there were a set of exercises i found in sterling edwards book "creating luminous watercolor landscapes," that i worked through. here are the results. they are not meant to be finished paintings but studies and practice. to this end i think they were very useful. all are about 10"X14"

barn in the field near the woods

adobe in the desert (not near any woods)

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