Wednesday, March 16, 2011

tatanka iyotanka: first portrait attempt

tatanka iyotanka, sitting bull
for this next painting i have chosen to start my work on painting native americans. the iconic hunkpapa sioux medicine man and eventual leader of the larger sioux nation tatanka iyotanka, sitting bull, seemed a fitting subject for my first attempt. he was about 60 years old when he was killed during a arrest attempt just outside his home in december, 1890, a scant two weeks before the wounded knee massacre on pine ridge reservation of the oglala sioux. this well known photo of sitting bull in a beaver skin hat will be used as the inspiration for the painting.

i will work on the drawing and perhaps start on the painting today. i haven't yet decided to start with a wash first and add shadows and features afterwards or to start in on the mid tone shadows and features right from the get go. i guess i have all day to decide. see you later for more.

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