Sunday, March 6, 2011

"old '49 headin' west": penultimate steps

penultimate steps in "old '49 headin' west"
using a #8 kolinski sable round and combinations of ultramarine blue, quinacridone gold, cadmium yellow medium, burnt and raw sienna, hookers green and even some permanent alizarin crimson i put in the mid ground trees and hedges.  the barn was painted using the same brush but with cobalt blue and burnt sienna (same as the truck, if you will remember). i know that the sign is too big but if i made it smaller i think that the overall design would suffer as i would have too many things at the same level. so, i decided to leave it alone. i used cadmium yellow medium and ivory black and added a dash of yellow to the drivers shirt just for the fun of it. i will let this dry and come back later today and finish this painting. while i am out and about this morning i will think about the next project that will definitely be more of a portrait/figure deal than this turned out to be. 'til then, have fun.

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