Sunday, March 13, 2011

jimi hendrix........portrait

drawing for hendrix portrait
i have decided to try to do a more finished portrait this time and after browsing a bit decided on jimi hendrix. the challenge was to pick out the source material as there are hundreds of photos of this rock icon on the web. i chose the one i will be painting because of the pose and the fact that his hand is in the picture. i like portraits that include at least the hand(s) as well as the face. additionally, his hands brought him in contact with his right-handed strat that he played left-handed and helped produce the groundbreaking guitar work for which he was so famous. so much for the philosophical long-winded reasoning behind my choice. the short reason.......i liked it.

i'm not sure how much, if any, i will get to paint today so i will at least post the drawing. as per the charles reid drawing i worked out the details and nuances on a sketch book page and then transferred it to a sheet of 16"X20" 140# fabriano artistico cold press paper using my cheap and dirty light box....a picture window with the sketch and paper taped on. here is the drawing. his hand might be a little large but i am going to leave it as is for the time being. i do know that his hands were much larger than usual so maybe these are in correct proportion. i'll check the photo before next time. spot you later. be well.

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