Thursday, March 10, 2011

next project: " smokin' bluesman"

drawing for smokin' bluesman
this next photo of a cigarette-smoking acoustic guitar-playing, bluesman came from an ad for dean markely acoustic guitar pickups and strings and is probably someone i should recognize, but don't. this served as the inspiration for this sketch and is being used only for educational purposes. it probably seems as though i am producing these at breakneck speed and it is true that i am not taking very much time with them.  maybe about 90 minutes each including the modified contour drawing.  my main goal, as i said at the beginning, was to get an idea of how i wanted to approach this kind of painting and not produce a polished product. i have definitely succeeded in the latter, the former.......... maybe.
smokin' bluesman

i painted this more or less the same as the other two. in looking at this now i can see that his head is a bit askew and, again, there is something wrong with the mouth. i thought i had it figured out on the muddy waters sketch, but here again i have a slightly agape mouth due to the cigarette. i'm going to have to look over some more masterful painters' pieces to find a solution to this apparently ongoing problem. like most things in painting (and drawing for that matter) it will probably come down to really seeing what is going on and observing better. the glasses were fun and eliminated having to paint the eyes which makes the painting move along a bit faster.

i have a couple of other photos to choose from but i don't like them as well so i may look for some other source material before moving on to the next effort. also, i am feeling much more confident than i was a couple of days ago and may attempt a more completed, painting-like, piece rather than a sketch.

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