Saturday, March 19, 2011

finishing steps on "sitting bull"

"sitting bull"
well, i lifted out some highlights and added some shadow on the brow and right (our left) for the wrinkles and i think they neither made him look any older nor any better. i probably should have been content with the younger version. that being said i mainly did the clothing and hat.  i think that the steps are fairly obvious and i decided to make the hat brighter than it was. in this instance it needed a darker background to define the light side and  lose the shadow side so added a splash of color that i think was cerulean blue, burnt sienna, raw sienna, and alizarin crimson. after looking at the photo for more than a few minutes i decided that the decoration on his hat was monarch butterflies and made them so! adding some shadows to define his shirt collar and more of the fringe pretty much finished it off. lastly, i added a blush of some darker pigment near his shoulders and i can't honestly say why i did that. seems okay in retrospect but not sure it added anything.  that is a sure sign that i was done! finished!

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  1. All I can say is Wow, Bob this is really fantastic! I love the great care and detail around the eyes, they look so lifelike.
    His skin color as well as the leather of his jacket are just so right on, rich and beautiful.
    You are going to have to have a gallery show after your vacation you have been so productive! Very inspiring!