Sunday, December 6, 2015

"somewhere between there and now" : finishing up

well, i finally got up the gumption to put in the marks along the left side of this painting à lá daniel sprick.

i chose a compliment of the glowing yellow background washes. i think i like it. i also liked the saturated red along the top that sort of recapitulates the strap on her shoulder. together, i am just not sure. like most things it will most likely grow on me or, at least, become something minor when compared to the main character: the figure.

i put it on by spritzing some clear water in the upper left with a bottle that puts out rather large drops and then put a few sprays down the left side. i then took a wet rigger and "painted some wiggly lines along the left side from top to bottom. then the hard part, i loosely mixed up a mid-value ultramarine blue and alizarin crimson permanent (or carmine...not sure what it is on the palette) and sort of scumbled in the upper left hand corner. it ran down the side along the path of least resistance, namely, the already wet areas, drops and lines. lastly, i lightly blotted a few areas that looked too dark.

so, it looks like i had seen it in my mind's eye. now i have to see if it will work. that might take some time as right now i am in the place where i usually am at this point in a painting (right after i've done something edgy or just finished) : pretty sure its a ruined mess. i've got enough painting under my belt to intellectually know that probably isn't the case, but it will need a bit of time.

"somewhere between there and now" (13"X21")
the figure i don't have any problem with and i actually think it may be the best painting of this type i have done. so here it is for your edification.

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  1. As I said in the first post of this painting, she is beautiful , really liked her even before, but I can see there is more warmth to the final result , and it is just awesome !