Monday, December 28, 2015

another great photo session

i have enough material to give me inspiration and references for paintings at least until the ice next descends from the polar regions. ashley met me at the studio gallery 1311 for a photo shoot a few days before christmas. she was her usual energetic, inventive, gracious and lovely self. putting up with my ridiculous ideas and coming up with much better poses has turned into her stock in trade. here are some of the photos that i am pretty sure will end up as inspiration for paintings.

speaking of trade i also delivered her commission piece for which she is trading the modeling  sessions. it is for a dear friend of hers whose father died recently. he served in vietnam in the late sixties and early seventies. he and three of his friends were involved in a fire fight in long an province on august 3, 1970. he was the only survivor, the other three kia from a ground explosive device. the painting is he standing in front of a stylized vietnam war memorial wall with the names of the three friends kia that fateful day. it may not be the best technical painting i have done, but it is full of sentiment for the family, ashley and now me. hope you enjoy it.

"lingering memories"  (16"X15)

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  1. A wonderful and touching tribute , beautifully depicted . And I can see a lot of inspirational poses here , I've got two favorites, curious as to see which one you choose :-)