Sunday, December 20, 2015

" in the moment" (wip, 15"X21")

" in the moment" (15"X21")
i have been working on a couple of things for the last week or two. one is a commission for someone of a vietnam war vet who died recently. i bartered some modeling time for the painting. i think i came out ahead on this one as she has proven to be delightful to work with and i have gotten some pretty amazing images to use as painting references. after it is delivered, gifted and an okay from the client i will post the image of it soon.

the second piece i am doing is of the same woman client mentioned above sitting in a chair in the studio whilst discussion our options. she is poised but charming, full of fun but very serious about what she wants. she is exactly what the world needs more of. so, without much ado i will post the work in progress of this painting, "in the moment".

hope you are having a great weekend.  cheers.

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