Thursday, December 3, 2015

finished the class demo....figure in landscape

the class was back at it monday morning after a 10 day vacation over the thanksgiving holiday. we tackled the figure in landscape of the fisherman the demo of which i started at the end of the last class. it will incorporate virtually everything that we have gone over through the first 5 sessions.

first washes done last time, we incorporated some of the background, whatever they chose to do, as we went along so that nothing got way out ahead of anything else and the figure looked part of the whole rather than a pasted-on cutout. i chose to put in a somewhat more complicated background as i got queries like, "what if i want to put in a cloudy sky, some buildings, some distant boats?" so my demo got a little more crowded with these things than i had originally intended.

i did take some photos of the class and their work but the photos didn't turn out for some reason. so all i have is the final photo of the demo.

mary won the raffle and was compelled to take this home.....poor girl.


  1. I would have been quite happy to be in Mary's shoes , this is really beautiful Bob . The luminosity is striking and the figure really pops from the background , beautiful choice of colors too !

    1. thanks for your lovely comments, jane. i'd like to send you a stunning "witte's end studio" 2016 calendar....could you email me your snail mail address at

  2. Replies
    1. I tried getting the calendar into the modem, but, alas, it wouldn't fit......I guess I am going to have to send it regular postal service. So, I need your postal (snail mail) address. Thanks.