Thursday, September 3, 2015

one for the history books

the final session of the first beginning watercolor class was held monday. after the students finished work on their "term" projects or three hours had elapsed, which ever occurred first, we had a critique....mild mannered but still helpful in terms of sharing their work with rest of the class. all in all and considering most (all but one, actually) had never picked up a watercolor brush before the class, they did extraordinarily well. i will let the pics of their final work speak for themselves and let you make your own assessment. i, however, am proud of their accomplishments in 5 short weeks.

here is the album of photos i took during the finale.


  1. Bob, Thank you for an amazing beginning watercolor class. I feel I have a solid knowledge/skill base to move forward with painting. You guided, supported and applauded the effort and success of every student. Please continue to teach and share your passion! Best wishes for your show this Saturday. Carla

    1. the pleasure was mine, carla. good luck to you on your future painting endeavors. take some more classes in advanced techniques and some workshops. you are doing really good work.