Thursday, September 24, 2015

...and that was that.....frank eber plein aire workshop

as i drove away after dropping frank off at the local airport i reflected on what a great experience the plein aire workshop had been. we spent 5 days painting landscapes in an atmospheric limited palette sort of a phrase...frank eber style. the weather cooperated and we only had to spend one day inside that wasn't planned that way due to iff weather...rain. the la crosse area provide more than ample outside venues worthy of painting...we hardly dented the list frank and i had come up with for possibilities. for sure there were a few hiccoughs, like a locked fence, a ways to the nearest toilet facilities, but all in all not too bad.

here are a large number of photos of the group (12 in all), work in progress from frank, and some completed stuff from the students.

we are already planning a return of frank to the la crosse area sometime around the twsa jurying in early to mid 2016. depending on the weather it will probably be mostly inside the studio gallery 1311.

one of the venues

frank and the group in doors


double ditto

our intrepid instructor

one of the student paintings

frank applies that magical first wash

and the darker second

finished work out behind the studio gallery 1311

class in the alley behind the sg1311

another spectacular spot to paint

frank at work on another demo

another first wsh

putting in the darker shadows

et voila

frank taking a well deserved bow

student effort of similar scene

franks afternoon demo using the same scene...differently

city scene the next morning

that afternoon with different light

final day on the rabbit trails in the marsh

a final student painting


  1. Some really great subjects for painting, and the students seemed very inspired, beautiful works here !

    1. the whole week with frank was great. he loved the area which reminded him of his hometown in germany. i am sure he will be back as we are already talkng about a return engagement.