Friday, October 2, 2015

if you're making omelets....... have to have eggs (before you break 'em).  early this week i had a photo shoot with one of the daughters of a good friend who was going to exchange some modeling time for a commissioned painting. i needed some fresh material and thought that the whole thing was a win-win.

i intended to shoot half outside in the sunlight but the rapidly approaching rain storm reduced our outside time to about a 10 minute session....some with umbrella! as it was the first time for her  modeling i thought that the whole thing wend fantastically with some really great shots for potential paintings.

here a few of the one's from which i am almost certainly going to attempt to make some art. as i work almost exclusively from black and white reference material that is what i am posting here. i am posting this to show some of the process that goes into my painting....please do not reproduce/copy/download any of these copyrighted images. thanks.


  1. There are some quite inspiring poses and expressions here, I know that if I could I would go for the one with the hat ...there is something about women with hats that just inspires me:-) Have a nice weekend.

    1. i agree with you, jane. see the latest post.

  2. Bob, these are great. My favs are 1,4 and 5. You will have fun painting these.

  3. You have demonstrated that It is not always necessary to flatter the client, but to interpret how you personally see the individual...This is where the artist differs from the photographer! I am actively following your thoughts - and awaiting your decision.